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On June 19, 2021, Nashville Youth for Christ in collaboration with #Overtheedge will give you the opportunity to rappel 21 stories down Nashville?s Omni hotel to #stopyouthviolence. For every story you rappel down, we will share a story of impact on our Facebook page on Wednesday?s leading up to the event. Here is one of our #21storiesofimpact. 

Meet Natasha. 

I am a graduate from Maplewood High School. I connected with Youth for Christ through the after school Campus Life program and it has made an incredible impact on my life.

I grew up with my aunt. She raised me because my mom was struggling with a chemical dependency my entire childhood. In high school I was self conscious about my body and looked for the wrong kind of attention from guys. I made some bad choices. Felt far from God. The hurt from my childhood and the pain of some bad decisions weighed heavy on me. I carried it around everyday of my life. 

This led me to talking with the Yfc group about my struggles. It was a place where I felt supported, loved and a place where I could be myself. That is when I asked for God?s forgiveness and started learning about His mercy. Yfc was there for me even when I was at my worst. My mentor Melissa helped me connect my story to God?s. She made the gospel easier to understand and relatable to what I was going through. I participated in Yfc camp where I deepened my relationship with God. It was hard; I had never been out of my community. We went to the mountains, where there was no cell service. But it was the best time I ever had. I attended CIY camp which made a big impact on my life, but I never really truly and fully committed myself to God. No matter how far away I was from God He always pursued me.  God didn't give up on me no matter how much I wanted to give up on myself. He still loves me the same even with the mistakes I have made and he has forgiven me and created a better me!

On December 24, 2017 I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior at Greater Harvest Church. Since then, I recently went on a mission trip to Puerto Rico with Youth for Christ. It was life changing for me and has brought out a desire in me to work with children. I do not know where the Lord will lead me, but I am thankful for Youth for Christ and their support through everything I have been through. 

I am Natasha and I am Youth for Christ. 

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