What to Expect the Day of Event

How You Will Rappel? 

·You will be wearing a full-body industrial harness and using an industrial descender. All equipment is equipped with back up device.  


·When you arrive on site you will have the opportunity to practice rappelling from a lesser height. This will give you a chance to hang in the harness, find a comfortable position, and practice using the descender and safety equipment. You can practice as often as you would like before heading to the roof.

Spectators and Friends:

·Unfortunately friends of the participants will not be allowed up to the roof top. The roof is a restricted access area. YFC will have an event photographer taking pictures from the roof, ensuring that each participant gets a picture of himself or herself going over the side. 

Participant Weight/Size Restrictions: 

·Participants over 136.1kg (300lbs) are not permitted to rappel as they exceed the safe working load of the equipment. The minimum weight of a participant is 45.36 kg (100 lbs.). 

Special Needs Rappellers: 

·Special Needs Rappellers will be accommodated as long as it can be done safely. In the past people with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, amputees, and wheelchairs have been able to participate fully and have enjoyed successful rappels. Advance notice is required, however, so that the Event Managers and Technicians can ensure that each participant gets the best experience possible.